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Obliterate your data. Degauss with Vector Magnetics

Guard against ID theft. Protect your privacy and your business.
When disposing your hard drives, deleting, reformatting or overwriting is not enough.
The only solution that guarantees 100% erasure is degaussing.

What is degaussing and its benefits?
Degaussing is a technique for destroying data on magnetic storage media such as hard disks and tapes. By changing the magnetic field on the media with a degausser, data is permanently destroyed. Rest assured that any information stored -- emails, documents, pictures, videos, programs and all types of files -- cannot ever be recovered and won't be leaked when you dispose of hard disks.

How do degaussers work?
The process of degaussing is achieved by passing the magnetic media through a powerful magnet field to rearrange the polarity of the particles, thus completely removing any resemblance of the previously recorded signal.

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